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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


A dear friend of mine has 3 brilliant, funny, beautiful girls. She has recently found out that she is expecting a fourth baby later this year. Her girls remind of what I imagine sisters to be like. I don’t have sisters. For the most part, I come from a family of boys. Boys, Boys, Boys everywhere, really. My mom has a sister and even though they are 10 years apart in age, they are so very close. My aunt and my mom may have busy lives and children, grandchildren and even a great grandchild in the mix, but they still talk on the phone or drop by for visits with each other regularly. My dad has lots of sisters and I know growing up he felt a sense of protectiveness over them all even though he is one of the youngest in the bunch. I know his family dynamic was different. His relationship with his sisters was not the same as between the sisters themselves. 

Jessie and I, circa 1983ish lol
Why am I having such a need to write about sisters? I have a cousin, Jessie. She is the closest thing I have to a sister. She lived with us at times, growing up. We stayed up late at night giggling because we shared a room. We argued in a way that I think only sisters can. She always had my back growing up and I would have done anything for her, still would. We definitely got into our fair share of trouble, but almost all of my memories growing up include her, whether good or bad. I cannot count the times we have laughed and cried with each other. When things happen in my life, she is the one I think of first to tell. She knows me, in my soul, she knows who I am and where I come from. Jessie knows I hated getting up early to have to take the first shower in our one bathroom house and she knows that while I may present a tough exterior, she knows I have a marshmallow heart.  

Baseball anyone?
Baseball season has started and it is one of those times of year that I miss her the most. Jessie, ten years ago or so, left me behind in Michigan and moved to Florida. It has been good for her and her family and I am so proud of where she is in life...  But, holidays and baseball season are when I miss her the most.  We have children that are around the same age, boys of course, and they all play ball. I wish she was here freezing alongside me at practices. Cheering and ducking fly balls. Call me crazy but I envision this still taking place in Michigan, even though I’m sure her sons last baseball practices in Florida did not involve all the moms bundled in sleeping bags and the kids in sweatshirts and layers. I would love to cheer her boys on. I do from the wonderful family connector, Facebook.

So, sisters, not everyone has one. I am sure it is a complicated relationship on so many levels. I just honestly don’t know for sure. I do know, having been blessed with a close cousin, that it is a wonderful relationship even in all its complicated-ness.  Having brothers is no less wonderful, just different.  To bring this post back to my mantra of Back to Basics, living simple… enjoy your family, brothers or sisters. Don’t take anyone or moment for granted.

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