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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Musings of a Mom and Scattered Blogger

This blog has gone in no direction that I thought it would go. I had big plans of sharing recipes and my tips on gardening, instead, I have written mostly thoughts about my life. Each entry is filled with my need to live a simple life, getting back to basics and appreciating the things that matter most.  Well, this entry is not veering too far from that either.  Bear with this gal, as I fumble my way through pulling this blog together to some sort of cohesive space. 

So this morning, I was repacking my cooler and snack tote of goodies for our second day in a baseball tournament for the oldest boy. Waffles will be on the breakfast menu today, I believe. I haven’t actually started cooking because the need to write out this thought struck me and I hit the computer to jot it down.  The house is quiet, Im enjoying coffee before the kids hit the floor running. We have an extra kid for the night, a friend of my youngest son, a friendship foraged at baseball parks and football fields. 

I know this generation of kids is far advanced in technology and video games. They will probably go down as the video game generation, even though, I played Nintendo a time or two growing up myself. It’s this generation where obesity rates are high and people believe kids no longer enjoy the outdoors. Sure, there are some who would rather spend hours playing mock war on the gaming systems but there are so many who do enjoy being outside. I have come to this conclusion as I was watching the oldest boys double header baseball games yesterday. Tournaments are intense. These boys go on the field to play ball and winning is what they are all after. Each time at bat is a battle.  They sweat in the heat standing in the outfield waiting to make that perfect catch. Their uniforms are muddied from sliding into third. The crowds are cheering. It’s never quiet at a ball game and off in the distance, in a small patch of grass between ball diamonds is a group of kids playing pickle. They are the younger brothers and sometimes sisters of the athletes on the field. They are laughing, having a grand time running around outdoors. They are wading in mud puddles and taking turns seeing who can spit sunflower seeds the farthest. These are kids who may not go to the same elementary school but they are building friendships all the same. 

At my house, after the games at the fields have all ended, the kids come home to eat and shower but they do not stay still long, soon they have called over some friends. Wiffle ball is played in my yard until it’s too dark to see the ball. It is then that the computers fire up and video games get turned on. There is still hope in the younger generation.  It warms my heart to know that fun is still being had on American baseball fields and backyards, that friendships foraged with bonds of dirt and mud puddles still exist, and that kids still enjoy sitting under a tree and sharing a snack. I love that athletes are still battling it out on fields across the world and younger siblings are looking up to those athletes and wanting to be just like them. I love that when the street lights come on, there are still moms out there yelling for their kids to wrap up a game and to come inside. It is part of what life is all about, the simple enjoyment of it all. Maybe next post I will blog about my homemade pasta recipe. It is really simple, but the troops are starting to wake and breakfast needs to hit the table.
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