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Monday, March 5, 2012

"Do You Want to Wrestle?"

Backyard Football is war 
“Do you want to wrestle?”  What a question. I am convinced that most households around the world field these kinds of questions on a daily basis. To the kids who ask the questions, I am sure it sounds like a perfectly legit way to spend some time in the evening. But, as a parent, I know this is no good. I am a mother to boys.  In my house everything is a competition. Brushing your teeth in the greatest speed to wrestling, nothing is taken haphazardly; every competition is for the glory of bragging rights. For a split second, that boy can be the “winner” of the house.  My boys do not take these daily competitions lightly. Every battle is fought with determination and skill.  There are practice moments in their bedroom/home base before the fateful question is asked, the gauntlet thrown…”Do you want to wrestle?”  Ahhhh, it is said so nonchalantly, but I know better. I know that one boy, will take it too seriously, one boy may get his feelings hurt. One boy…probably the younger one, will be upset. 

What I also know is that one day that younger boy will be the same size or larger than his older brother. That younger boy is a watcher and a thinker. He watches his older brother and his friends. He pays attention to battle strategy and he makes mental notes. One day my baby will grow up and he will take on his brother and he will win. I can see the changes already.  A race won by the younger one here and there. A few strikes thrown on the ball field to help him earn his older brother’s respect.  It is such a bitter sweet moment, as he leaves his single digit youth and grows into the double digit age and sheds so much of his baby exterior and rushes to catch up to his older brother. As a mom, I want to keep him young and hold on tight, but I understand these moments of competition are preparing him for life. My boys have learned to be good winners and losers. They have learned teamwork and patience. They know what it is like to work towards a goal. I hope, I had some part in teaching them these lessons, but I know so much of it was learned through their brotherly competitions.  
Holding Breath Competitions

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