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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Weather

Tulips sprouting
Yesterday was beautiful. Today is shaping up to be pretty gorgeous. High in the 80F range sounds like a perfect Spring day. Lol But, it’s only the middle of March. That is definitely out of character for Michigan weather.   Tulips bulbs that I planted last Fall are starting to pop up, they bring with them the promise of warmer days and cool nights.  The weather and promise of Spring makes me want to dig in my garden, to plant flowers and vegetables everywhere.   I am already planning a raspberry patch along one side of my garage.  And the herbs, can’t forget about herbs! I see myself sinking containers into the ground, spaced out in a “S” shaped pattern. I can almost smell the Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme. 

Budding leaves
Only, I have to get ahold of myself, lol, no rushing into planting just yet. I still believe there will be a wild snow storm in April, a freak frost in the first week of May. It has to happen. This is Michigan after all. Right? I must admit, I am worried about what the unseasonable warm weather means for the garden this year. Our trees are budding and the grass is green, bugs are coming out again. Will the weather be too warm and the vegetables get too leggy? A question every gardener must worry over.

To satisfy my urge to garden, I am happy to at least begin to turn over the earth. Spread some layers of compost out. I compost from organic matter such as potato peals to paper, but my secret is I also like to add a bit of my chicken manure. The nitrogen that the manure produces helps to break down the other organic matter and also adds some nutrients into the compost which in turn feeds my garden soil. I only have 5 backyard hens so the manure is not a lot, however it does do the trick in my opinion.

Enjoy the turning of the seasons everyone. I am heading outside to get some vitamin D and to relish the sunshine and heat while it lasts. I still think there is an ever present threat of snow or frost. lol Atleast until May. 

Chickens in the yard : )

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