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Monday, July 30, 2012

Baseball Comes to an End

We just completed our last baseball tournament of the 2012 season. It was so much fun, good baseball was played, the weather was beautiful and we even made time to see some scenic sights.  This tournament stands out to me as one that my son will remember, laugh, and reminisce about with his friends as he gets older. The team had 3 hotel rooms and the boys got to stay in them with just their roommates and no mom or dad. The stayed up late and giggled, swam a lot and ate snacks into the late night. Even the younger siblings of the players got to have fun. They swam a lot, giggled and ate entirely too much.
Infield Meeting

It was a good season, one where I could really notice the difference in how much the players had improved and grown. At the end, they played together like a team who had been doing this for years. The boys are all good boys, they have become great friends and it warms my heart to know my son has made lifelong friendships. He has leaned to be a good sport, a team player, a good winner as well as a graceful loser. These are all life lessons that will carry him through to adulthood. 

Stopping to see the view

I can’t help but wonder where this summer has gone. It’s the end of July, baseball is over. Football starts in roughly 2 weeks. The boys of fall, will don their pads and helmets, they will practice and practice before the games begin in September. School is just around the corner and already I am stock piling school supplies to last the year. 

The View from Deadman's Hill
School shopping is a lot like canning and food preserving, always something to be put away. You can never have enough crayons, glue sticks, pencils, or paper.  My jams are made for the standard peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that my boys still love. All though, I would like to try my hand at making grape jelly. I have not tried that one and the boys do like it. I have always been a strawberry jam girl myself. 

The days may sometimes seem long but the years, they are going by so fast. It is important to remember to slow down and enjoy them, to live in the moment for just a bit. The end of summer is when my back to basics mantra, live simple, really hits me. The time has flown by and summer is half over. I have to make time to enjoy the simple things in life.  Carve out that extra bit of time to watch my children grow. Watch them make friends and enjoying the simple moments in life while life is still simple for them.  It is said that time flies when you are having fun.

Enjoy life my friends  : )

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