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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Potato Bakes of Goodness

I don’t know about anyone else, but it has just been too hot to turn on the oven. Breakfast and lunches have been scaled down to quick easy no cook meals and we do a whole lot of grilling for dinners. That is summer at my house, fresh veggies and grilled meats. Now and again, though, I get a good hunkering for something more substantial, something that screams comfort food and winter. Call me crazy, but yesterday morning, while having my coffee and browsing pinterest I came across a recipe for baked potatoes and eggs. It looked fabulous. I could just smell the goodness from the computer, so like any rational adult would do, I set to baking potatoes before the house got too hot. 

I scrounged up some Yukon Gold potatoes from my cupboard and began by washing them and slicing off a thin section on the bottom so the taters would stand up without wobbling around. Then I used a paring knife and widdled away at the middle to core out a nice hole to hold my egg.  I lined up about a dozen of them on a cookie sheet and sprinkled with salt and fresh cracked pepper. 

Conveying my masterpiece of little taters, I thought there is no way to fit a whole egg in there, so I improvised. I scrambled up some eggs and added some green onions then I spooned the egg and onion mixture into each potato and topped them off with some grated cheddar cheese. These then went in the oven at 350F for 45 minutes. I checked them at 30 but the potatoes still seemed a bit stiff so they went back in for another 15 minutes.
These little potato bakes were amazing. I served mine up with a side of fresh salsa.   

The weather has turned scorching hot again so the oven is back in its dormant stage but I can see bringing these little bits of goodness back once autumn hits.  Using a larger potato would also be a great breakfast to pack in foil and take to early morning youth football games or just about whatever else people do that may need some on the go breakfast.   They are so versatile; I think I have mentally planned out 30 different ways to prepare this. Wouldn’t cream cheese and lox stuffed in there be great? Or asparagus and gouda? Possibilities are endless. 

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  1. Did you take that pic? Cause that mug looks strangely familiar.

  2. Yes, that picture is my version of the Potato Baked Goodness. lol along with my morning coffee in one of my favorite cups : )