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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Costumes, Skylights and Monster Fingers

Have I mentioned lately that I really need to learn how to use my sewing machine? Well it’s true. I bought is a couple of years ago and was pretty bent on making throw pillows, blankets and all types of fun stuff. I made a couple of pillows and one blanket and then the bobbin was out of thread and it has never been used again. This sewing machine stares at me every time I go into the garage. There it is on the shelf, daring me to thread a bobbin.  It is getting ridiculous, I know, and it is time to make my son’s Halloween costume and sewing would be so helpful. He has decided to be a Cereal Killer…pun intended.

Someone liked the big pumpkins
The No-Sew costume started with a hunt to find a 10 year old boy size box.  Once that was found, clever me bought some red spray paint and decided the Cereal he was going to kill would be Lucky Charms. I sprayed the box and the writing on it was still showing through. Tonight, I was in a bit of a panic on finding a “just right” size box again so I used paper grocery bags and got out my trusty hot glue gun. After cutting up the bag into strips, I hot glued them onto the box. Brilliant, I say. I then cut out the holes for his head and arms to fit through and sprayed that bad boy red. It is currently drying in my garage but I think the painting of the box was finally a success.  Once it is dry, I will add all the fun parts of making the box look like Lucky Charms and the final touch… dun dun dun dun (read as a spooky voice) a costume fake knife through the front. Hence Cereal Killer. He thought of it on his own, I wish I could take credit for the cleverness but that was all my boy. 

Last night, we went to a friend of mine’s house. She and her husband were hosting a pumpkin carving hayride extravaganza on their farm. I follow a group of women on Twitter who take turns hosting something known as Sunday Supper. It is a movement to get families back to the table for dinners. I love this and I’m pretty sure I have mentioned it before. Well this Sunday’s theme was Halloween goodies. So, already inspired and with a place to go, I made some really simple but tasty Monster Fingers.  You take Pretzel rods (not unprocessed I know, cheater on this one) and dip them into melted chocolate. When melting chocolate I use the double boiler method and heat it over boiling water. To the melting chocolate I added a tablespoon of coconut oil. This helps it to harden back and to give the chocolate a bit of a shine. When the chocolate is melted, I dipped the pretzels into it and then laid them on parchment paper. To them I added sliced almonds as finger nails. As the chocolate was setting up, I used a toothpick to add 2 lines where the knuckle should be. Gruesome, kinda, but the kids enjoyed them. 

Then not to miss out on all the Halloween fun, my oldest son went to his very first Haunted House with some friends from school. They had so much fun, I had fun waiting in the parking lot with the other moms. You could hear people screaming from inside the building and I just knew that my boy would would scream right along with the girls that were in the group. The big tough football players. It still makes me smile when I think about it. After they came out, the kids were all talking non stop to tell us how fun it is. I love being apart of that stuff.  Their excitement was contagious. These memories they are making are great, the friendships, all of it. I love that they still don't mind parents being there waiting in the parking lot. As a mom, I am not ready to let go just yet. Where does the time really go? It seems like he is too young to be going off with girls or going to things on his own...but then he is 13 and that is about the age they start making strides to become who they are meant to be. I can still hold on for a little while, and I don't mind being the parent to drive them about if that means I get to stay and kind of watch out for them too. That's my secret anyway.

skylights on the slope?
It was a good weekend full of productive laundry washing, Haunted House, hayrides and costume making. I let my dearest Husband know all my grand plans for the chicken coop. He is always so enthused with my grand ideas. I try to remind him how boring life would be without them but sometimes I think that goes in one ear and out the other. My great idea for this week,  I believe the coop needs skylights. When we moved the coop I thought it was in a perfect location, but now I realize that their windows are not in the best spot for optimal sun catching. I then began to worry that they wouldn’t get enough sun to heat the coop in the day for the chickens this winter. After all this fretting, I had an Ah Ha moment. We need to add skylights.  I am thinking taking a circular saw to the roof and giving them 1 or 2 skylights by cutting the holes and then covering them with plexiglass. Caulk it nice and tight so there are no leaks of course. Chicken keeping friends out there, what do you think? Have you ever put skylights on a chicken coop? Do you think this will help to warm the coop by letting the sun in or do you think it would not work out at all? I would love to hear from you out there in the blog-o-sphere.

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