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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Are My Children Crazy?

Well that is a loaded question isn’t it? I would have to say for the most part they are perfectly sane boys’ ages 12 and 9. Well, as sane as boys ages 12 and 9 can be. However, we recently made a wonderful purchase of new furniture for our living room. A question came up then what to do with our old, worn and certainly well used loveseat and recliner. Throw it out you might think, free-cycle it, set it outside and see if someone picks it up… all very good ideas.

Alas that was not the case. My boys decided they must have these pieces of well-worn furniture for their bedrooms.  So began the movement of trying to fit a loveseat into my oldest boy’s room and a recliner into the youngest boy’s room. These rooms are a whopping 10ft x 10ft size rooms so needless to say it was a tight fit. The only casualty was 1 door hinge…which Husband fixed this morning while letting me know that when he moves furniture the doors do not “just jump off the hinges”. Funny, that’s what happened, it’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  
The best part is that the boys have now decided that they will be sleeping on the furniture and not their beds. Who needs beds anyway? This raise a new question…is a bed a mattress and frame or is it wherever you may lay your head for the night? My dogs certainly think the rug under my feet while I type makes for a great bed. Our chickens prefer to roost up in the rafters of their coop instead of the nice roosting poles that we installed in the coop. My boys apparently are also of the school of thought that beds are where you make them. My youngest boy looked up at me from his new "roost" in the recliner and told me his old bed makes a wonderful table. lol  

Their “new” beds may be unconventional but they chose them and if you can’t choose an unconventional bed when you are a child, just when can one choose one? I am also wondering how long this will last. How long will it take before they are self-conscience of society norms and veer away from the unconventional? I hope it doesn’t happen. I hope that when it does, they still hold on to some unconventional things, the unconventional are fun.
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  1. Shannon, I love your writing style! I hope you keep this up. :)

  2. I plan too. Just wait until sports season. I will have a whole section on Are my kids crazy or are some sports parents crazy and am I one of the crazy ones?" lol