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Friday, January 27, 2012


January for me has always been a month of promise. It’s not just the promise of a new year, but the promise that the seasons are changing. The days are slowly starting to get longer instead of shorter. It may still be incredibly cold here in Michigan, however the Spring season is on its way. There is a promise in the air of January that simple says life goes on and the circle will continue. 

Winter itself does not bother me. It is a chance to reflect, turn inward and recharge yourself. It’s a slower time of year in my family. The Spring, Summer, Fall sports have wound down, the schedule of school has become a good routine, and most importantly the lawn does not need mowed. It’s a time for baking and large family meals, indoor games and movies to catch up on.  The cold, snow and ice are not the hardest part of Winter for me, it is the lack of daylight.  January days are still not all together long here in Michigan, but they are starting to get longer with each day.

Soon, January will give way to February and February to March, and this will bring back Spring, and the return of the busy season in my life. Sports, homework, lawn mowing, they will all return with gusto. My quiet evenings slowly turn to long evenings filled with one busy activity after another. The chance to snuggle on the couch to read a book takes a back burner to planting and weeding gardens.  Don’t get me wrong, I welcome the change of seasons and the warming weather and longer days, but I also appreciate what January gives us too.

Tonight, while typing this blog, I can feel the simplicity of life, the way of nature that promises life to go on, seasons to change and I am thankful for the quiet of the house around me. The laundry is done, the dryer is quiet, and the dishes are washed and put away. There is a steady hum to the furnace as it works to keep the house warm.  It’s a cold quiet night, but one that is good for the soul.
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