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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Housewife vs Domestic Engineer

When Husband got home from work this morning we laughed at me starting a blog and calling myself a housewife. I don’t know why the term has such a negative connotation for me. I’m certainly not a Domestic Engineer as the math involved to be engineer material is far beyond my reach. lol All day today it has sat with me. Do I hate the name of my new blog, my new adventure? I’m not sure. I am rolling it over in my head and trying to come to terms with Housewife. I mean it is what I am. I’m a stay at home mother and wife.  The term itself just seems so lacking. It takes me back to a pre-Women’s Lib movement era in my mind. Am I settling for less than what my Rosie the Riveter predecessors gave to me in their fight for equal rights? Has society itself come so far that the idea of a simple housewife is an insult? Am I the only ones who feels this way?

I certainly do not think of myself as the pre-Women’s Lib housewife.  For the most part, I’m not. In reality there was a Women’s Movement and now I have the luxury to decide if being a stay at home mom and housewife is right for my family and me. It’s this luxury of choice that my housewife predecessors didn’t have that separates us.

So today, Im a proud housewife, it is what I do and it is my choice. I enjoy being the person to take my children to school and pick them up after. I like to have dinner ready before Husband heads off to work for the night. It is me that gets to sit down and do homework with my boys and shuffle them to practice and friends’ houses. I revel in the moments in the car when the older boy says something to the younger one that reflects a lesson I have taught him. It reminds me that they do listen and absorb so much from their parents and their caregivers. I have the luxury to be both and for that and for now I am embracing my role as Housewife. 

Now that its settled I can get on to blogging about things. lol All sorts of things. . .
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  1. Love it...Welcome to the blogging world!
    P.S. Speaking of Women's rights & Women's Lib...I still have your Radical Womanhood book! Errr...I'm so unorganized! I swear I'm not a "book stealer"...Well, on purpose. I'll get it to you...promise :o)

  2. Thank you Tina! And, don't worry about the book. I would have lost it in our move this past summer. Consider yourself the safe keeper. Now I get to try and organize my thoughts for the post. I'm thinking it's going to be on what I think is the simple life. I'm sure everyone has a different idea of what the simple life is.